cropped-JCBLUE-comp.jpgOver 30 years ago, I was just another sailor, that happened to be trained in massage therapy. Walking the streets of Hong Kong Kowloon side, taking in  the sights and documenting it on film with a couple buddies. Little did I know that my life was about to change forever.

Walking past one of the dozens of massage places on the strip, a very hurried little man came up to me and in his very broken English says  “I teach you, you have power!” Yeah right! That’s what I was thinking and saying out loud, especially since I’m with my guys…But the words sparked something in me that made me trust this strange little man.  The next 3 days of my liberty call were spent in a dimly lit massage shack, learning his healing technique, how the body speaks and more importantly, how to listen to it.

Ancient Chinese Secrets passed from my Sifu to this 23 year old kid with gifts that I could never have found without his help. He also opened a window in my soul that revealed and released dark episodes in my life that were captured and buried by my bodies own self- protection systems. Episodes that are still being corrected and shifted today.

I am also a certified life and holistic-wellness coach. Which is really just an extension of the healing touch that has become Integrated Flow Massage. My training through Robbins-Madanes Coaching has been vital in the life changes made by new clients as well as my own family and myself.

Over the past 30+ years the massage and the name of the massage has changed, only because I have changed. The fundamentals are all still the same, and as pure as the day they were taught to me. What I learned back then was not about me, or my gifts or this massage. What my Sifu wanted me to learn, was that my purpose in life is to touch people at a life changing level. To let the next person that I come in contact with, whether through massage or coaching, know that I can help them find their power. If they have a spark to find it.



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