Integrated Flow Massage

Let me start with what it is not. Integrated Flow Massage (IFM) is not your everyday, run of the mill, “been there, done that” massage. It is not some voodoo, witch doctor, paranormal science. It’s not about me.Tree


IFM is about you. It is a massage that I created to combine the best of the many different massage techniques I have mastered over the past 30 years with the Original Flow Massage that was taught to me in China (see About page). It is about the motion of the body’s energies—the mind, body and spiritual energies that make us “go”, and tell us how to relate to our world. When these energies are out of balance, the body first tries to warn us, usually through some kind of discomfort. If we continue to ignore the warnings, the body tries to fix itself. This “self-fixing” can manifest into all kinds of patterns of imbalance—everything from headaches to certain cancers and in recent years, fibromyalgia.


IFM is about intuition. There is a certain amount of gifting and insight involved in my massage. I “listen” to your body. By being sensitive to you and what your body is saying on all three levels (mind, body and spirit), I give you the massage you need. This is why IFM is such a healing massage. As I find pockets of backed up energies, stress and injuries (both emotional and physical), I use massage to move these blocks out of your body, restoring it to its natural, flowing state.


IFM is about healing. Here are some of the things I believe makes IFM so effective:


1. When a client has a desire to be healed, healing happens. Faith, belief or whatever you’d like to call it, plays a role in healing. It is a simple fact that if you don’t believe you are going to get better, you won’t.

2. I believe that if a pain or condition just “came out of nowhere” it can go back to nowhere. As stated earlier, these kinds of concerns may be the start or continuation of the body speaking to you.

3. IFM consistently focuses on treating the cause of an issue rather than the symptoms that your doctor or therapist may be treating.

4. I believe in healing. I know that I have been given a gift that can help you to feel better.


Integrated Flow Massage is an experience. There is just no possible way to put it clearly into words. You must experience it. It will be the most gratifying 2-3 hours you will ever spend. I promise. You can start by reading what others have to say (read these testimonies).


My purpose is to change the direction of your life with this massage and the exchange that comes along with it. To be able to do this most effectively, I have partnered with Vital Living WellSpa in Fort Wayne, Indiana, so that I can serve as many people as possible. Contact them today and set up an appointment for your Integrated Flow Massage.




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