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I love doing what I do as a coach. Especially when special people have breakthroughs that come from our sessions, which really are just the coming together of two minds to find a path for positive change. The big reward is when those people pay it forward, then it changes their relationships and everything they do. This is one such person:

The following is an actual message thread from one of my coaching clients. She almost backed out of her session, and the conversation will show the effects and after effects of the type of coaching I do. This was a 1 hour phone session.


Val F. , Thursday, 9/19, 10:40am

I am not prepared for our 11:30 call today at all lol. I had some issues that I was facing and veered off track big time. Therefore, I am not sure what we will be discussing today. Maybe we can just go over some techniques or if you want to reschedule our call, it’s up to you. Let me know what you would like to do.

JC Crawford III, 9/19, 10:41am

Seems like we have something to talk about…not sure, but I bet we can manage right?

Val F., 9/19, 10:51am

lol, yes we can manage

JC Crawford III, 9/19, 10:53am

Are you nervous?

Val F., 9/19, 10:54am

No I’m dealing with a few things right now and my mood can cut like a knife… I’m trying to change my state of mind before we get on our call.

JC Crawford III, 9/19, 11:00am

You! Cut like a knife? No!

Val F., 9/19, 11:00am

I’m going to meditate. I will talk with you at 11:30

JC Crawford III, 9/19, 11:03am



Our session lasted approximately one hour, here is what happened after.


JC Crawford III, 9/19, 12:47pm

You’re FREE!

Val F. 9/19, 1:26pm

Lol. I AM FREE! Thank you so much. I am feeling so much better. I don’t  know if you noticed but when we first got on the call, my voice was shaky and weak, then towards the middle to end, my voice was strong and stern… I love it. Thank you again.

JC Crawford III, 9/19, 1:50pm

You’re Welcome.

Val F., Friday, 9/20, 9:53am

Good Morning JC, I hope that your morning is going well. Again, I thank you for your help yesterday. Our discussion about certain types of people who stuff themselves with everyone else’s junk, was a clear vision that I understood. The simple but amazing technique of letting it go is something that I will never forget. I appreciate your knowledge and insight to Fibromyalgia. I am not one to take medicine due to my strong belief that we are equipped with everything we need to heal ourselves. I have made a decision to stop procrastinating and to start reading this evening. There really is no reason to push it off any longer. I would love to have another conversation with you soon. Have a wonderful day.

JC Crawford III, 9/20, 2:49pm

Hey, I hope your still flying!

Val F., 9/20, 3:58pm

 Not only am I flying but I had a friend of mine as well as my sister use the technique that you gave me to let go of everyone else shit and I heard the freedom and lightness in their voice when they let go. It was so rewarding for me to witness their moment. I am also looking forward to sitting down tonight and reading the books. I am flying thank you JC.

Val F., 9/21, 11:01am

Good morning JC, I want to say thank you for referring these books to me. I started reading volume 1 last night around 8, I took a 20 min break, and was reading until 11. I could not put the book down. What amazes me is the timing. I tend to purchase books but most times I don’t read them right away until its time. This was one of those times. If I had started reading when you first told me about them, I don’t believe that I would have gotten the powerful message. I have had many many breakthroughs between then and now which has opened my heart to pure unconditional love for myself and others once again. Last night was the right time for me to receive the message. I’m looking forward to reading more this evening. Thank you from deep within my soul.

This is what can happen for you and anyone you know, who may just need the time and skill of a certified life and relationship coach. If you want to see more of what I have offer, go to www.mindstyletransformations.com call or leave me a message. Your first consultation is free, and everything always stays confidential.



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