This is what I do….


You know how the current economy has led a lot of people to make a lot of changes in their lives and careers? And they are not sure what to do; they stress out and end up in a rut? I provide stressed out, unsure people the tools needed to get ouimagest of the rut, reduce their stress levels and get focused on getting what they need to grow.

This page is about holistic healing, and services provided by JC Crawford. Mind Style Transformations are made through Massage and Strategic Interventions with strategies learned from Robbins-Madanes Training. Service includes Integrated flow massage, sports massage, reflexology, life coaching, business and relationship coaching.

The biggest challenge I have, is helping people to realize their own value, their own self worth. Once a person realizes that  everyone and everything around them moves in unison with that core value, their lives and all those around them, get better! So please, take a huge step into the unknown, move into your tomorrow, invest in yourself! You can change the world, let me help you.


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