Welcome, it’s all about You from this point on. Period!

Whether you came looking for this site or just “ended up” here, you need to know that it is no accident. If you are looking for alternative ways to heal your Mind, Body, and Spirit, then this is where you start.  If you feel like life is slipping away from you, or that if one more thing happens you will explode, here is where you need to be. If by chance, this is the “last straw” or you are hanging on by that “thin rope” –don’t move from this page! Take a deep breath, relax, gently let go and make the decision that from this moment on, things change!


It’s about Purpose

This page is dedicated to transformation. Change  is the result of doing something differently. The world is ever- changing and the problem may be that you have gotten stuck in a rut. Some people choose to stay in that rut until it becomes a grave. You don’t have to.

Mind-Style Transformations start the climbing out process. You now have a choice; to conform to what the world gives you, or to transform yourself, by renewing your mind, body and spirit.

You are a walking, talking testament to the fact that your upbringing and external circumstances are only part of what happened in your life. When you finally figure out that you are 100% responsible for the life you are living,  you can at any time choose to make a different decision to bring about a different life. It’s up to you, you make the choice.

No longer be identified by your pains, or your past hurts. No longer give others permission to make you be who they think you should be. Self Worth, and Self Esteem are determined by, guess who? Self!

My purpose, is to help you find your true purpose and identity. I am not a motivator, that implies I make you move. Action is always up to you. I am, however an experienced encourager, leader and healer. I have been blessed with gifts and talents, knowledge and intuition that can and will challenge you to the core. In accepting the challenge you will change and you will succeed at whatever you decide to do.

Please read some testimonies from some of my clients. Each one is another person, just like you, that made a decision.

Thank You, Peace