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Mind-Style Transformation Defined


MIND-STYLE TRANSFORMATIONS ;    ‘Mīnd- ‘Stī(-ə)l Tran(t)s-fər-‘mā-shən(s),

1. the element or complex of elements in an individual that feels, perceives, thinks, wills, and especially reasons:  the conscious mental events and capabilities in an organism: the organized conscious and unconscious adaptive mental activity of an organism added to a distinctive manner or custom of behaving or conducting oneself in a particular manner or technique: when something is done, created, or performed in an act, process, or instance of transforming or being transformed. 2.  that point in time when a person first realizes that something in their life has to change, or the outcome of one or several of their circumstances will be horrific; so they make a decision to take responsibility for every aspect of their life and start the change process by altering the way they think.


The Many Depths of the Mind-Style Logo

This Logo has a lot of special meanings and symbolism, I will start with; the color scheme, of black and white, not black versus white. When some people think of duality or opposite polarity, they tend to think of two forces working against each other. I believe in a balance of existence, not one can truly be sustained without the other. I’m am not speaking in terms of good and evil those are powers. They have a whole different way of existing….(kind of). This is more of the Yin-Yang of balance and harmony by choosing to embrace and work with the opposites.

The Logo shows the Power and Essence of Growth and Contribution. A tree. So mysterious in life and death, cannot grow unless there are roots to draw from it’s mysterious Source. It will always produce the fruit it was intended to unless it loses connection with that source. Once it matures it may stand indefinitely, it may become petrified and stand forever as a legacy. It can also be cut down, yet maintaining usefulness in so many different ways. A Tree, not so different than you and I. Choices that’s the key! The tree does not choose growth, fruit, life or death. It just is!  Nature just is!  We have the choice of how we live, what if any fruit we want to produce in our lives, what do we want to contribute to our world?  Like the tree, we need to be connected to our Source or there is no growth nor fruit. We survive by our connection, and we are all connected.

The middle of the Logo is a representation of Flow. This is the Connection, This is the Source! You call it whatever you want, what it is will always be the same. It is power and energy in it’s truest form, flowing into us and out of us into others and all of creation. This Flow is the essence of life, and healing and peace and love. No choices here, It’s in you whether you believe it or not. The choice comes when you decide what you want to do with it. My Integrated Flow Massage is founded in the ability to heal by finding and re-connecting Minds, Bodies and Spirits to that Flow, which in turn, Transforms the Person. That’s the “bird” in the corner. There is nothing more beautiful, more breathtaking and awe inspiring than a transformed spirit taking flight. That is my purpose, my  hope and dream. My Logo.



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