Community Outreach! I’m Reaching Out to Heal Somebody!


My spirit stagnates when it is not healing and feeling, to the point that it affects my thinking. So here’s what I’m thinking:

From today until my spirit is at ease, I will be filling Twenty (20) One Hour Massage Appointments for the price of $40. The regular price is $75.  So. if you already have an appointment at regular price, call me and I will adjust it.  If you are new, call me. If you want more than one, call me. If you don’t pay for your massages now, call me! (seriously)

I’m posting this once, you can share and forward or whatever.  So, This is good right?!

Once the 20 are sold…Oh yeah, when you call, set up your appointment with a credit card these are real spots for people who show up., Anyway once the 20 are sold, back to regular price. And if you understand the value of what it is I’m offering, you may want to purchase the spots as gift certificates. To use later yourself or give to someone else. Gift Certificates are good for six(6)  months from date of purchase.

If you have question…CALL ME! (260) 312-8921


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