The Perfect Poem

God does all things well, well?
What, the heck he does all things,
and all things Perfect

Thank Him for this Perfect Light,
the perfect transition making day from night.
Opening my eyes to my delight.
Easy, breezy without a fight,
Just Perfect.

Perfect in the air I breathe,
Inhale – exhale, lungs filled up to capacity.
So grateful for this day I see,
So grateful…, Let me take a knee.

Thank you for this Perfect day
Help me to try and keep it this way,
If I let you lead and get out of the way,
I may be Perfect too… who’s to say?

God does all things Perfect
Perfect is his thing –
Perfect Love, Perfect Peace,
Perfect Provision, Perfect Creation.
Perfect me, Perfect you – Perfect Muslim, Perfect Jew.

Perfect Black, Perfect White
and all the colors in between.
Perfect Spirit, Perfect Balance
In the Things Seen and Unseen.

Perfect Mountain, Perfect Valley
Perfect Ocean, Perfect Shore
Perfect Universe He’s created,
things we’ve never seen before.

God makes everything Perfect.
That’s what I’m beginning to see.
Then why are things so wrong in this world?
Well, that one’s you and me.

We’ve Created, Perfect hate, Perfect fear
Perfect what you doing here?
Perfect image, Perfect lies
Perfect tears fall from our eyes.

Perfect hurt, Perfect pain,
perfect killing in His name.
Perfect yours, Perfect mine,
Perfect’s running out of time.

Perfect me, Perfect you
Perfect has to pay it’s dues.
Perfect bouncing off the wall
Perfect time to fix it all…

It’s the Perfect time to show some love
to the hungry in the Street. To the milkman, and the post man,
and policeman that you meet.

No I’m not Perfect, but I’m Perfectly free.
Perfect to try to love you Perfectly.
To open eyes that cannot see,
To be the best that I can be.

Perfect Love – Perfect Light
I think it’s going to be all right.
I’ve found the Perfect place to start,
God placed it Perfectly in my heart.


JC Crawford

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